Khee Trading

We work hard and responsibly, so you can enjoy the quality of it all.

Who We Are

We are a direct seafood importer and a purveyor of finest seafood. Our passion is in seafood. We strive to bring you only the best of what our ocean has to offer. Our product ranges frozen pacific oyster, array of sushi products, to freshest pelagic fish. With our global alliance and our expertise we are able to procure only the finest for your dinning need. Join us and our team on our endeavor to stay on the forefront in an ever demanding and evolving seafood industry.

  • Commitment to Quality, Customization, Competitive Price, and Customer Service
  • Expert in direct importing of global supply from the source
  • Logistic solution to custom clearance and documentations
  • Global watcher of sustainability

Our Values

Our commitment to our clients and to the industry is simply to supply the freshest seafood available from all across the globe. To ensure quality, customization, and competitive pricing, we direct import and procure all our products from the original source.


Meet hands, feet and backbone of our company

Don Ryu

CEO / President

Steven Kang


Simon Lee

Operations /
Import & Export Manager